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Simple strategies to starve your cancer without starving yourself


This easy to follow course has been designed to make Jane McLelland's book visually more explanatory, it makes the science simple so you can personalise your approach to achieve optimum results to stop your cancer growing. This course will elevate your understanding of cancer metabolism so that you can be confident you are adding the right off label drugs and supplements. Patients, carers, doctors and researchers have all loved its step by step approach. You can repeat and replay videos and you have lifetime access so that you can do this at your own pace.

You can view some of the videos for free below before you purchase.

It is a 13-module comprehensive programme that covers:

  • how to create your own Metro Map based on Jane's book, no matter which cancer you have.
  • how cancer starts (and it is not just a random mutation of genes)
  • how to starve the cancer (each cancer has a unique metabolic fingerprint, it is not all about glucose, some cancers feed off amino acids, some love fat, even ketones!)
  • block growth factors,
  • switch the immune system back on,
  • relaxation strategies,
  • when and how to exercise
  • dietary strategies
  • how to address genetic mutations like KRAS, BRAF, MYC, ALK, etc
  • the difference between a 'starve' phase and a 'kill' phase with an introduction to the new treatment of ferroptosis
  • And not least, many inspirational videos from stage 4 survivors outliving their prognoses

Apply the 4 key pillars of Jane's Protocol to maximise your chances of full recovery from cancer.

Cancer is now the biggest cause of death in the Western world, overtaking heart disease and affecting 14 million people in the UK and US alone.

Yet a cure remains elusive and survival rates have hardly changed despite the promise of so called ‘game-changers’ - new drugs that turn out to be little more than empty promises.

Patients and their loved ones are thrown into a whole world of chaos and confusion when they receive a diagnosis – cancer seems an unfathomable complex disease and they place their trust entirely in the hands of the medical profession, in too many cases this turns out to be a fatal mistake.

Oncologists still believe cancer is purely a genetic disease and treat accordingly but they are missing a large piece of the puzzle- the cancer ‘metabolism’ or how it feeds itself.

Cancer is always hungry...

...yet if you starve it of not just glucose but glutamine and key fats you can kill off not just the fast-dividing cell, but the cancer stem cell, left behind after chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The key to success is to use all four elements of Jane's approach.

  1. Establish the best diet.
  2. What, when and how to exercise.
  3. Work out the key supplements to block the dominant pathways.
  4. Understand the potential of certain off-label drugs that are having huge success.

In this course Jane will teach you the entire picture - how cancer starts, what drives it, how it feeds and how it progresses – it gets you back in the driving seat and gives you the best chance of full remission.


Jane McLelland is a trained physiotherapist, and a four-time cancer survivor.

She was diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer 20 years ago and she beamed her cancer with her wisdom and science.

She has mapped the landscape of cancer metabolism in a new way that everyone can understand.

She discovered a unique approach that combines diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and off label old low-toxicity drugs, that when taken together, as a Metabolic Cocktail, act synergistically to kill even the toughest types of cancer.

She is regarded as “A modern-day Cancer Sherlock Holmes”.

Her most famous contribution is the McLelland Metro Map of cancer metabolism.

She has painted the complicated cancer metabolism pathways with simplicity and clarity.

Jane has helped countless patients over the years; this was recognised in 2019 when she was awarded Amazing Women Global Lifetime Achievement Award for her work and her book How To Starve Cancer has become an international bestseller with translation rights sold to fifteen countries.

Her book has won the NYC Big Book Award and the Janey Loves Gold Award for outstanding book in the health arena.

With her approach being adopted by doctors and researchers all over the world, Jane has caused a global revolution, with tens of thousands of grateful patients. 

How To Starve Cancer

Online Course Curriculum

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  Introduction to starving cancer
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  Understanding The Basics
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  McLelland Hallmarks of Cancer
Available in days
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  Normalising Cell Signalling and the Terrain (tumour microenvironment)
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  Blocking Glucose Pathways
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  Blocking Glutamine Pathways
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  Blocking Fat Pathways
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  Blocking Growth Factors
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  The Immune System and Cancer
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  The Kill Phase
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  Diet module
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  Exercise Module
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  Summary and Recommendations
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My online course How To Starve Cancer, is a simplified and actionable guide through the basic elements of my protocol so you can feel confident and clear in your treatment choices. 

By signing up, you will not only contribute to improving and extending people's lives, but you will also get exclusive discounts on future books, courses and a supplements range that will be launching in the future.

I have dedicated my life to this cause, and I am committed to creating free resources, articles and videos. You can find these on my website and Facebook Community.

This course is not only a simplified version of my first book How To Starve Cancer, it will also cover new information and pathways included in the second edition. 

We will use the profits from this course to re-invest in the development of further resources to help assist cancer patients.

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